Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blog 73 - Out with the old - welcome to the new!

This afternoon I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea at school. Sitting around the table chatting about old times and current times, were friends of mine. Familiar faces who also happened to be colleagues. This was my farewell retirement afternoon tea from 25 years of teaching at the one school. Twenty-five years of lots of positive and negative experiences in my personal and professional life.
I didn't expect to be leaving teaching now but multiple doors closed one after another at the end of last year, due to my anxiety and depression, and I was not able to return. I have kept my faith that God was in control and knew what was going on.

From bad always comes good.

I have seen this time and time again throughout my life. And again in this situation I am seeing it happen.
From the end of 2013, God has been working. He gave me a part-time job which helped me to overcome shyness and become more self-confident; He showed me a writing course I could do to improve my skills (I have a dream to be a published writer); He put me in a writer's group; He brought me a writing mentor; He has led me to meeting the chaplain at the local high school which is taking me to working with girls. None of this would have happened if I was back in the classroom this year.

Things are meant to happen, even if we do not understand them at the time.

I am looking forward to seeing where else God is going to take me.

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