Tuesday, 14 June 2016



Ride High Pineapple Beats the Bully and Faces Up

BRISBANE, June 12 – Children’s author, Jenny Woolsey, is pleased to announce the release of her debut middle grade novel, Ride High Pineapple.
This gutsy contemporary realism novel, is a must read for any child or teenager. Ride High Pineapple is written through the honest eyes of a teenager born with a rare craniofacial syndrome. She also suffers from severe anxiety. Written as a journal, the story deals with critical childhood issues; bullying, difference, mental illness, friendship ups and downs and young love. It also shows how one can find self-empowerment through sport. 

The story has been endorsed by the Children’s Craniofacial Association in the USA.

Adolescence is a tough gig, but Issy Burgess has a few added challenges—facial difference, anxiety, and a relentless bully. Issy’s story of confronting her fears and working through her difficulties will inspire middle grade readers. Kudos to Jenny Woolsey for writing Ride High Pineapple. It ticks all the boxes: skateboarding, besties, and boys. And it’s chock-a-block full of hope, insight, and solid strategies for handling bullying and managing anxiety. A must for school libraries and school counsellors! -Alison Stegert, School Counsellor & Kidlit Author
About the Author

Jenny Woolsey is a Christian, teacher and blogger. She is an advocate for inclusion of disabled children, and for people living with facial differences and mental illnesses. She has a Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Education, Master of Education (Honours) and a Certificate of Creative Writing. Jenny lives in Queensland, Australia.  She writes from personal experience and aims to help children with their social and emotional wellbeing.

Ride High Pineapple is available on Amazon.com as a paperback and ebook.

For more details see www.jennywoolsey.com