Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Blog 81 - My new blog: Jenny Woolsey - The ABCs of Life

Hi everyone,

I have started a new blog called Jenny Woolsey - The ABCs of Life.

My focus of this blog, is to help, encourage and inspire people with their walk through life. From my own and my family's challenges, failures and achievements, I would like to share some wisdom, in the hope that someone will find it valuable.

Each blog post is a letter of the alphabet. This week's was H is for Happiness. I hope you will support me by reading it and leaving comments.

This blog, Crouzons, Downs and Me...Love and Life, will continue. But as most of the hard stuff medical wise, seems to be over for a while, I probably won't be writing in it as much. It's purpose was primarily to help people going through the same situation.

But I would love a following on my new blog. :)