Friday, 28 September 2012

Blog 39 - Cpap Machine for Melissa - 7 years

After Melissa had her inital posterior cranial vault expansion and bifrontal orbital advancement surgeries, we were told that the next major facial surgery would be a mid-face advancement. A mid-face advancement involves the movement of the bones from under the eyesockets to the top jaw. This is needed because this area of the face has stunted growth from birth (due to the chromosone affected).

The plastic surgeon initially told us that she would have this operation before she was 5 years old. When she turned 5 years old, he said 'no', it wasn't necessary. When Melissa was experiencing self-esteem and social issues in Year 2 we again questioned him about the timing of the operation. He told us matter of factly that he would not operate to make her feel better about herself. He would only operate for eye issues or sleep apnea/breathing issues. And as her eyes were fine and from her sleep  studies her breathing was ok, there was no reason to operate. Each year her eyes and breathing were monitored.

When Melissa was 7 years old her sleep study showed sleep apnea and she began using a cpap machine. She was exhibiting signs of extreme fatigue.

Melissa found using the cpap machine difficult at first but she soon realised that it was helping her to feel less tired during the day and in the morning when she woke up she would be fresh and ready for the day. After a while Melissa was able to fit herself with the mask and use it unassisted.

Melissa went on Girls Brigade camp and took it with her. We had holidays at the beach and we took it with us. The cpap machine went anywhere we needed to go.

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