Saturday, 6 October 2012

Blog 48 - Jess's School Accident

Two children were having a play fight with their lunch boxes outside the Prep room. Jess unwittingly stepped in between them and was hit on the face with one of the lunch boxes, leaving a red mark. She received first aid.

For the next month she didn't want to go to school, she was being naughty at school and at home, and she kept saying at school and at home that the child had hit her on her face. Also, at her speech therapy she was showing aggressive behaviour with the toys (she made them fight). At home she no longer cuddled and kissed her favourite toys.

We tried to talk to her about what had happened and tell her that she was safe at school but again with her intellectual impairment we could not reason with her.

In desperation we rang DSAQ for advice which they gave. They were wonderful.

DSAQ sent us some visual stories to use with her. The child who hit her gave her a hug and drew her a picture. Of course that child had long ago forgotten about the incident. Also we were able to break the cycle by going to the beach for holidays, getting her away from the situation. We noticed at the beach that she started cuddling and kissing her toys again.

She hasn't been back to school yet since the incident so I am praying that she will be fine. Nick and I will be in hospital when she goes back to school so we will most likely have other issues to deal with. Hopefully the hit on the face will be forgotten.

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