Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blog 65 - Plastic Surgeon is Happy with Nick

Nick went back to school, on the Monday of the second week of school, in February. He was very excited to be back with his friends.

At the end of that week we took Nick back to see the plastic surgeon. There was a mistake made with his appointment and we had to wait 1 1/2 hours for Nick's chart to arrive. We then saw the plastic surgeon's registrar for a minute. He checked Nick's wounds and said to come back in 2 weeks.

Yesterday we took Nick back again. This time we saw Dr Lewandowski. He was very happy with Nick's progress. He just said to massage Nick's cheek scars to help break up the scar tissue. He also said that Nick's mid-face will recess over time and his lower jaw will continue to grow, so even though at the moment Nick has a big over-bite this will lessen over the next 8 years. Time will tell if he will need any further plastic surgery. (At the age of 17 final surgeries or tweaks are performed).

An eye appointment was made for March 22, when Melissa is booked in to have her left eye muscle assessed. Until then he wont wear his glasses.

Dr Lew said to come back in December with Melissa which is their usual annual review time. Yay!

Nick glided out of the hospital - he was so happy!

Wow what a feeling to know that there probably won't be anymore plastic surgeries for Melissa or Nick, for at least 6 years!

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