Monday, 6 October 2014

Bog 74 - It has been way too long!

Oh my goodness where has the year gone? I last blogged in May. My year which began in despair with my severe bout of anxiety and depression has progressed into great things!

After the thunderstorm comes the rainbow is cetainly true for me!
God works all things out for good, I can also vouch for!

In April I handed in my resignation as a teacher. It was with a very sad heavy heart that I did so. Teaching was my life. It was my identity. Who was I now? Could I still say I was a teacher even though I wasn't teaching anymore?  Of course I was still a mum and a wife - but I needed a job label - I was too young to be a retiree!

What labels do you have attached to you?

Coordinating the local high school's Community Education classes which I mentioned in my last blog has kept me very busy and has given me that new label I desired :) In July there became a position available to teach adult computer classes so I took that on as a new challenge - another new label :)

Over the year life has taken on a 'new normality'.

Having more time on my hands not teaching has enabled me to achieve two of my life goats - one to write a novel and two to start up an Australian support group for facial differences. How many people get to do that?

1) My novel:
I have wanted for many years to write a novel where the central character has Crouzon syndrome. I had written a few rough drafts though the years but nothing seemed right. With the knowledge I got from my writing courses and pointers from my mentor I disciplined myself to keep on keeping on, writing and editing, rewriting and editing... until I was finally satisfied with my final product. Both Melissa and Nick read the book and gave me feedback. They were both very critical and very good at telling me exactly what they thought!

The main character Isabella, 'Issy' is based on Melissa. The story has my own and Melissa's experiences woven into it, along with fictitious events.

The novel is called I am Isabella and it is now at the editor's. I am very excited! My next step will be to get it published which I pray God will work out for me.

2) Our Faces Support
I have wanted to start a support group for people who have facial differences, living in Australia. There is very little support here. I have already made youtube videos and founded facebook groups but I still feel that there is a need for people to get-together and to communicate outside of social media. I like the American support organisations - they are awesome. So in the last couple of weeks this has come to fruition. Of course we are in the early stages and I am recruiting members (free membership) to get it up and running but it is so exciting!

So stay tuned to find out what is going to happen next!

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  1. Isn't it great when depression gets turned around. Been there myself. Thanks for your brave and interesting post.