Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Blog 90 - Teaching Jessica Front and Back

What did I teach Jessica today? What is the front of a store and what is the back of a store. I told her Nick was at the back of the store in EB Games which is a little shop. Jess was in the middle. She turned and walked to the front, out the door, then proceeded to walk down the mall calling out, 'Nick where are you?' I had to run after her and take her back to the store, showing her where Nick was, explaining to her where the back of the store was. Just another thing kids normally pick up but I've had to teach it to Jess. Oh and this was after she picked up a Just Dance game for a XBox One and wanted to buy it. I had to keep telling her we didn't have an XBox One. I physically had to take it from her and put it back. She wasn't happy with me. It's times like these it hits me that she is intellectually disabled.

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